Portable Instruments
Coating Thickness Gauge
The ProTek II Series Precision Coating Thickness Gauges represent the latest technology for the non-destructive measurement of surface coating on all metals.
Data Logger - Pocket Logger
A pocket-size Data Logger with Sensors for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, AC Current, Light and more! It also records Process Signals, Pulses & Evens.
Hardness Tester
Portable Digital Hardness Tester
Infrared Thermometer - Fixed Installation Type
Infrared Thermometer - Portable
Laser Alignment Systems
The UltraSpec family of laser alignment systems from CSI includes the perfect solution for every alignment need.
The Pocket Strobe PK2 is a highly stable instrument for taking non-contact RPM measurements and inspecting moving parts by “freezing” or “slowing down” the action.
The Combination Hand-Held Digital Tachometer combines the best features of both contact and non-contact models to accurately measure RPM, surface speed and length.
Thermal Imaging Systems
Thermal Imaging Systems can be used for preventive and predictive maintenance, quality control, and new product development.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
SA 40 is a miniaturized ultrasonic thickness gauge which can measure thickness and velocity with memory capacity of 40 data.
Vibration Meter
The vibration meter can be used on routine inspections around the factory, collecting vibration level data from strategic machine points and comparing these with previous readings. An increase in levels over time quickly shows that wear in bearings, etc. is taking place and allows the maintenance engineer to plan for remedial repair or component replacement.

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