Part No. CDT2000


When using the non-contact mode, rotational speed (RPM) is measured using a visible beam of light. The CDT-2000 can be up to 14 inches away from the small piece of reflective tape that is affixed to the rotating element. In the contact operating mode, the speed is sensed by directly contacting rotating device using one of the contact adapters supplied with the instrument.

In other applications where surface or linear speeds are to be measured, the universal wheel is used for direct readout of feet/min, meters/min or inches/min, as selected by the end user. The CDT2000 can also be used to measure the accumulated total of continuously running material such as paper, wire being wound on a spool, or to check the calibration of on-line counters and totalizers.

The CDT-2000's rugged construction, portability and outstanding features make It an ideal choice for maintenance personnel, machine operators or others in a wide variety of machinery and material handling applications.

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