Data Logger - Pocket Logger
Part No. XR440


The XR440 Pocket Logger is a buttonless, four channel recorder designed for easy setup and trouble-free operation.

Connect any PACE sensor directly to any Pocket Logger input; you can mix and match sensors in any combination.

With no power cord to run, and weighing only 6 ounces, you can mount a Pocket Logger anywhere. Unlike strip-chart recorders, there is no paper or ink, and no buttons - so no one can tamper with your data. In the field, your recorded data is easily transferred to a portable PC. Or carry the logger back to your office - in your pocket!

A Pocket Logger's data is quickly transferred to a computer running Pocket Logger Software. The software runs on Windows 3.1, 9x or NT and may be freely downloaded from our website! For advanced users, a command line interface enables the Pocket Logger to communicate with other programs.

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